Joey Bada$$ x Chuck Strangers – Fromdatomb$


Je crois que le troisième couplet parle de lui même …

I got sick of class, started making classics
Now all I really do is get the grass lit and bust asses
I’m sure to blow like bust acid
Puff acids, like Mav, a true Maverick
And I average above average on an average day
Doing bad shit bet you still can’t pass this
And his teacher still pass him
Though they adolescents be addin’ rappin’ sessions over addin’ lessons
Like fuck trigonometry, I’m trying to multiply monopolies
Subtract some homies then divide the cheese
Divide legs just to isosceles so my eyes can see through the E
Shit on you hypotheses
Hypocrisy after essence like apostrophes
You can’t stand here unless you pay a posture fee
Part the cheese, head out the spot and leave
A pile of G’s for apology

Ps: c’est moi ou le refrein c’est bien un sample de Guru ?


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