Rahiem Supreme « Eyes Wide Shut »

Cette vidéo a « Dope » marqué partout sur elle. Le texte et le son sont tout deux excellents, alors plutôt que de faire du remplissage je vous laisse avec cette citation de l’auteur du morceau dont je vous conseil vraiment de suivre le travail !

« My name is Rahiem Supreme, and the purpose why i did this song/visual was to project to the people out there whats really going on. To open their third eye to see how the system corrupts are minds with lies and confusion. I feel as tho the government treats us like lab rats,it’s like we are put here purposely to struggle.
I came up in the hood and i start seeing how organized these obstacles are. Liquor stores on every corner, Nonstop crime where we lay our heads with rape,drug dealing,prostitution,kidnapping and so forth. Limited education in public schools with some incorrect information,but im not gonna get into that right now lol. But in more wealthy areas theres totally the opposite scenario going on!? If your put somewhere within the culture your raised around its embedded in your brain to adapt or even get brainwashed with the surroundings. It’s like the system is designed to corrupt the mind. And every person that seems to surpass there intellect and start to enlighten there people gets assassinated or looked down upon. So therefore i felt the need to express my thoughts and feelings on this song. Enjoy « Eyes Wide Shut »  »


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