Faust Note #34

faust note

We open the session with Giorgio Oehlers, a very promising producer from Holland, also discover Husky and his Future Garage Vibes. A bit of Future Funk with L33 and Starship Connection too.
Phillipe Edison, Nøïthingness, Christian Rich…There are always new artists out there, enjoy!


Giorgio Oehlers – No Heart Feelings
Evil Needle – Nasty Scene
Anthony Valadez – Sunny Spot
Christian Rich – In Between
Brian Folk – Pho Ha
Ganz – Louis Futon_Shoulda Know Remix
813 – Wait You
Husky – Nowhere Fast (Clean Cut Mix)
Husky – Step Back
Overthrow – Nøïthingness
Yagi San – Yagi San’s Giant Machine
L33 – Roger’s Funk
Starship Connection- We can go all night
Vanilla – Into My Eyes
Zo! – Youuuu
Cherokee – Don’t Matter ft. Darianna
Philippe Edison – Space Triangle
Boonie Mayfield – Louge Fulla Smoke
Bon Vivant – Zoning
Sango – Kaytranada_At All Remix
Bengfang – Living official
Nøïthingness – Drake_Come Thru Remix
Lakim – Husky_Science of Sleep Remix
Nangdo – Koen_984 Remix
Great Dane – Mongrel
Clicks and Whistles – Bull Dozer
Duke Hugh – Spark up the Phillies
Jaded Laur – Untitled 2
Troy Gunner – Nuclear Arms
123Mrk – Ariel Camusso & Persiam Empire_Time Remix
Opolopo- Triumph & Ivan Picazo_ Soyuz Remix


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