Faust Note #38

faust note 38

Oyez Oyez le Faust note #38 est arrivé ! Notre ami Faust aura donc prit tout le temps qu’il fallait pour vous faire une de ses sélections les plus aboutie et variée, chapeau bas donc et je lui laisse la main pour vous présenter votre écoute !

En « Angliche » dans le texte vu qu’on est dans le polyglotte game chez Dillmatic !

Very long session this week, had a lot of material to make you listen! Discovering Mincha, a french fellow making some very sweet music. A lot of tracks issued from the worldwide beatmakers compilation « Tacloban Hope » in response of what happened in Phillipines with the Typhoon. By the way do not hesitate to donate! Plus you will have awesome music in exchange:


We also got great stuff from Amin Payne, and a new track from the boy Enron Hubbard! Lets not forget the classics, with Common, Sa-Ra, PPP, etc.


Stwo – YOU ft.Sanna Hartfield
Platinum Pied Pipers – Stay With Me
IAMNOBODI – Sure Thing
Mincha – Wale_Lotus Flower Bomb Remix
Mincha – Jeremih_Fuck U All The Time Rework
Enron Hubbard – Northern Lights
AZTEk & Xian – Sphinx (DVNGLEz remix) – DVNGLEz
Falcons – Cell
SertOne – Three One Third
Tapes – Caitlyn
T. Hemingway Down N’ Out
Mincha – Yumo_Silly Wit Ma Nine Re-Edit
Mincha – Falling Leaf
Amin Payne x Blaze – Somebody
DNGRSC – Its Okay
Roughsoul – Cloud 9 – Shimmy Records
Giorgio Oehlers – Fly Over Tacloban
Terracotta Blue – Snooze Angel
Tall Black Guy – Searchin For Sounds
K15 – Noblemen_Flying Remix
Azteka – Hope
Iman Europe – Celebrate
FKJ – Cherokee feat Darianna_Don’t matter Remix
Sunni Colon – Jezebel
J One – Make It
B9 – Hennine
OdyC – Hold me
OdyC – I Remember You
Trashbat – Dreaming of Fiji
HMunroboi – Hugh Over
Common – Come Close
SaRa – Hollywood
Sirmo – Bad Love (Mincha Dub Remix)
AD Bourke – Prelude
Tehbis – Act like U dont know
Koen – 1022
Nangdo – Braggin Bites


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