Faust Note #39

Après quinze jours d’abstinence, je vous ai concocté une solide 39éme sélection pour resister à l’arrivée de l’hiver! Plus d’infos sur la playlist ci-dessous dans la version originale.

Hope you guys are doing great. The show returns this week with always fresh and new artists and material: Dreamclub, Akeda, Chu, Ticklish, Formtek, Little Boodha, and much more.
We have a piece of the last Foreign Exchange album, always good stuff from Phonte and his crew.
Enron Hubbard, after a long period of inactivity, has been uploading a lot of music recently. I also love the latest production of High Klassified for J.O the corrupted, Penthouse Penthouse continues to bring heat…Anyway, let’s just keep up with the good sound!


Esta – ForYou(&HerToo)
Evil Needle – Ascension
Dreamclub – Pharell_That Girl Remix
Markai – LoveAllNight
Nikx – After Party
Dreamclub – All for Her
Chu – New Dae
Fortune x Etizzz – Love Me
AKEDA – Time ft Twinztrack
High Klassified – Power Off
Enron Hubbard – A beat
Milo Mills – Cucumbers & Lessovsky_Apologize Remix
Ticklish – Baby Bash_Suga Suga (Reboot)
Ganz – Bonecrusher
Clicks & Whistles – When I Feel
Gerwin – Small Talks
Formtek – Late
El.Train – Cruel Intentions
Penthouse Penthouse – Private Jet
Lewis M – When She’s Around
Little Boodha – Hungover
Mozaic – Smile
RC & The Gritz – Leave Me Alone (feat. Erykah Badu)
Lauren Faith – Love Eyes
Donell Jones – Life Goes On (SevnthWonder’s Classic OG Remix)
Majid Jordan – Hold Tight
Foreign Exchange – Can’t Turn Around
Infinite Machine – Funk Lullaby
Pea Whitey – OH91_Autotune Remix
Nameless – Slum Village_Lock it Down Remix


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