Faust Note #40

A lot of smooth, deep-thoughts kind of vibes for this show, we never medidate enough! After a long period of silence, Rochelle Jordan comes back with a hell of a track called « Follow Me ». Shoutouts to Duke Hugh from Groningen (Netherlands) who kindly sent me a preview of his upcoming EP where he experiments House kind of vibes.
We also have material from the great Flying Lotus, and amazing smooth vibes from the Japanese producers « The Astronotes ».

Do not forget to check the 2 newcomers Sam Tui, and Mack Five.


B.Lewis – So Close
Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Make You Feel
Egoellamay – Love Hard
Timeless – Usher_OMG Remix
Rochelle Jordan – Follow Me
Trian Kayhatu – Alright
Oddisee – Jose James_Its All Over Your Body Remix
Jordan Rakei – Conflict
Moods – Distance
Fitzroy – Philosophy
Bugseed – Sendai Beat Session 02
Sam Tui – Sheeat
The Astronotes – The Basis
The Astronotes – Eve
Tetris Fingers – 3AM Rendez vous
Blacksmif – Effectivmarkt
Buscrates – Broken Promises
Bagir Ba – Wrath of Organs
Mack Five – Oven ft.Justin Timberlake
Geode – Embrace
Rekchampa – Feel Me Feel You
Oceaan – XXX_88 remix
Throwing Snow – Un Vingt
Flying Lotus – Stonecutters
Haan 808 – Past Timelines
Syre – Changing
Max Graef – KDIM Remix
Duke Hugh – Poly Valence
Uphigh Collective – Dealing
Canblaster – I See You


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