Faust Note #43

A little late for this week show, but material is here! Interresting newcomers with No MaaD and a crazy remix of Tajan & Fwdslxsh- Beautiful. We got also the man K Dubb, Rook Milo, Yam Who and Cyan P.
I digged a lot of good house vibes this week, we begin to know Max Graef, we also know Nick Wisdom, but a little less Yam Who and Viktor Birgiss!
starRo, and El.Train bringing dopeness as always, a very nice trakc from the popular ToroyMoi too…Well, juste enjoy!


8TM – Myth Syzer_Diamand Remix
Noïthingness – BMRAL
El.Train – I’m Sorry
Crvvcks – Luv U
Impey & Are – Cry Me
Ghost Town – Ask Me
ToroyMoi – Say That
Ben Jamin – Wanabee
starRo – Waiting
starRo – Bow Wow ft. Ciara_Like You Remix
NoMaaD – Tajan & Fwdslxsh_Beautiful Remix
Nick Wisdom – Things Ya Do To Me
Viktor Birgiss – Erykah Badu_Back in the Day House Edit
Max Graef – Nr 05
Last Mood – Tell you Something
Night Drugs – KorgBrain_Aricie Remix
K Dubb – Blue Koolaid
Elaquent – Alone at Last
Soul Williams – More Love
Cazal Organism – Respect the Architect
Jazzo – Kafi
Tetris Fingers – Back and Forth
Flava D – Grime Instrumental
Rook Milo – Put Your Hands Where my Eyes Could See Remix
Cyan P – South Rose Blues


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