Faust Note #46

I’ve been a bit busy lately, so I could not dig as deep as usual but still, I have quality music for you guys.
Discovering a french duo that brings some fire: Twinztrack. Zuper is another amazing artist to monitor from now on, I hope we can hear more of him very soon…


T.Hemingway – Venice
Jelani – PARTYNEXTDOOR_Persian Rugs Remix
VXNYL – Shlohmo x Jeremih_No More Remix
Koetry – Be Without
Twinztrack – Drive
Cazal Organism Justin Timberlake_Like I Love You Remix
StarRo – See me at the Penthouse
Ryan Hemsworth – Wave Racer_Streamers Remix
Haan808 – Love Nothing
Fluence – The Code
Freddie Joachim – Feeling U feeling Me Remix
Mr.Carmack – Oh Brooklyn
Byron The Aquarius – Galactic Soul Ft. Distant Starr & Gala-Ga
Kirkis – Mirror
Jordan Rakei – Bey Shing
JBird – D&D
Budamonk – Brown Sugar Remix
Twinztrack – On & On Remix
Sly5thave – Deme ft.Denitia
Opopolo & Amalia – Get it Together
Phil Gerus – Alex Barck_Doubter ft.Jonatan Bäckelie Remix
Sh?m – MNEK_Don’t Call This Love
Zuper – You & Me
Skye Chai – Sippin on Some Chai
Chloe Martini – Janelle Monáe_PrimeTime ft. Miguel Remix
Silent Jay – Sorry for Being Vague
Deejay Weezy – Ur Love
Twinztrack- PARTYNEXTDOOR_Persian Rugs Remix
Disclosure – Defeated no More
Brame & Klansee – Alright
Great Dane – Blue & Green
Great Dane – Daisy


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