Faust Note #47

So many promising new artists in this session: Hazy Memories, Two Fresh, GUNKST, Leah Morris, K15, and High Class Filth who turns out to be an AKA of Toro Y Moi.
Haan808 and El.Train keep sending amazing vibes, and Jarreau Vandal proves that he is an amazing remixer.
A good chunk of chill and jazzy vibes at the end of the show, hope you will appreciate.


Haan808 – TellinYouSumthin
Mosis – You & Me
El.Train – Shiawasena
El.Train – Clouded Visions
Hazy Memories – Digital Loss
GUNKST – Tonka Boyz
Two Fresh – Thanks4Real
Ganz – Grind Hard
Fybe:One – Body & Soul Remix
Nick Wisdom – Blush
Olsen – Forever Gold
Magic Touch – You
Mikos Da Gawd – Escape
Fortune & Mayo – All You Do
High Class Filth – Love Via Wifi
High Class Filth – Decent Conversation
LMC x Elaksi – Mornings
Milo Mills – Sweeter Than Rice Cake
Jarreau Vandal – Naughty Boy_Lalala Remix
T.Hemingway – M.I.A_XXXO Remix
Mozaic – Nightshift
Leah Morris – Ya Nastaaaay
Leah Morris – Waves +
K15 – Beneath the Tomb
K15 – Time Humbles Us
J.Sparrow – Run it Down
Axion117 – Liquor


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